Warm Your Guests with Slippers

When the cold wind blows, your guests will appreciate the warmth of robes and slippers in their rooms. It’s the little things that people remember at hotels and resorts that make such a difference in their stay. Going that extra mile and providing little luxury differentiates your hotel or resort from the others.

Robes: A Necessity, not a Luxury

People often forget things like robes and slippers when they pack. Even in a warm and inviting hotel room or room in a resort, having a robe can be the difference between being chilled or being comfortable. When your guests use the pool, they’ll appreciate having something to wrap up in when they get out. At night, a rope is just the thing to stay comfortable in.

Your guests will find the robe you provide to be very useful and comfortable. Whether relaxing in their room, slipping out into the hall to grab a coffee or some ice, going to the pool, or just staying warm, all your guests should have a rope available to them.

Your Guests Will Appreciate Warm Slippers Too

When it’s chilly outside, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in the cozy warm slippers on their feet. Whether it’s relaxing in their room, walking to or from the pool, getting it cappuccino at the restaurant, or walking around the hotel or resort, your guests feet will be warm and comfortable. There’s less chance somebody stubbing a toe or dirtying their feet. And even if their room is warm, there’s no chance for their toes to get cold.

Remember to shop Fredi & Sons for all your guests’ needs. Whether it is robes, slippers, or thong slippers, we help you treat your guests the very best, regardless of the season.Your guests are our guests, and we aim to make their stay at your hotel and resort a pleasurable one.