Ultimate Recognition with Specialized Amenities

We have learned the value of welcoming our guests, in a big way, when greeting your hotel or resort guests. Fredi & Sons provides custom quality products designed to delight your guests. It is surprising how plush and comfy robes and hotel slippers speak to the heart of tired or stressed vacationing guests. It is unspoken but implied, “We are happy to serve you”, “Welcome, relax and enjoy”.

In addition we challenge you to dazzle your guests with robes and cuddly little slippers for their children. The word will spread at the speed of light, and these little welcome touches will quickly become your brand’s hospitality super power.

How magical you’ll find the response from parents when they find your hotel gives a gift to their child. This is an amenity most parents could never forget. They will exclaim about it on their social media pages, and adorable photos of children in your cozy little slippers will appear all over Pinterest. We also have the first wholesale hotel line of children’s cuddly bathrobes with a hoodie. Check out our online Hotel Collection shopping pages and be the first family hotel to offer these sensational amenities. Your clientele will enjoy our Summertime Color Robe collection in vibrant pinks, yellows, turquoise, and white terrycloth. Choose from our various styles of adult slippers, waffle toes, thong plush sandals, beach sandals and designer styles as well.

Fredi & Sons has been the leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of unique products in high-end fabrics, styles, and craftsmanship for some of the world’s leading brands. Because our custom-line can be found nowhere else, we have been providing our “Custom Hotel Amenity Collection” for almost every 5-star hotel around the world. We offer unsurpassed quality and luxury items that cater to your goal of unparalleled customer service.

We offer personalized logo of your brand, or initials with state-of-the-art embroidery on any order of robes or slippers. There is no size limit for your order, you can order from our retail shop or wholesale. You can also e-mail us to request samples of any items you like in our stock, [email protected]. Let us show you how to take your guests all the way to beyond impressed with your quality care and service.

Contact us online at www.frediandsons.com, or call our toll free number, (888) 840-7979, to discuss our innovative custom-designs that will reflect the personality of your hotel.