The Robe Effect: How Robes Make for a Comfortable, Luxurious Stay

When people travel, they want to make sure all of the necessities are figured out. That means scouring the area for the best local food joints, securing a convenient place to stay, and making sure their hotel provides all the right amenities for effortless comfort. The latter might include a plush, velvety robe for their stay. To most people, robes are a luxury item considering the good ol’ shower towel will typically do. However, a robe can truly symbolize more, especially when it comes to the ultimate hotel stay experience.

An unexpected luxury

For many, vacation time means relaxing and going beyond the norm of a typical day back home. Hotel guests purposely splurge on nice rooms, and with those rooms should come the proper amenities. Think about the decadent chocolate resting on the pillow. Or the carefully arranged pillows by the headstand. Similarly, a soft, cozy bathrobe will give off the feel of a relaxing, pristine spa – something hotel guests might not have anticipated! Fredi & Sons provides the option to have a logo embroidered on your robes for a custom, unique feel.

Pamper yourself while you prepare

Robes such as the Double-Layered White Waffle Robe and the Plush Shawl Collar Robe are found in 5-star hotels and resorts across the nation, perfect for those who take their time getting ready for a night out. After a soothing, warm bath or shower, guests can walk around in the comfort of their room wearing a bathrobe as they dry off. Perhaps they’d like to turn on the television as they get ready, or relax a bit before dinner time. Either way, a plush robe encourages guests to rest before the next big adventure.

Look forward to a night in

Of course, there’s always the option to hunker down for the night and cuddle up in a cozy bathrobe. Here at Fredi & Sons, our goal is to provide exceptional products and customer service, no matter what the objective is. Our top-notch products from leading designers and manufacturers will make any guest feel pampered and carefree along the entire course of their stay.