Selling the Sizzle; Why Customer Experience Is Everything

Before you can earn new customers, you first have to get people to listen to you. And, as you know, this can be more challenging that it sounds. The 21st century is a media-saturated wonderland in which the average consumer is bombarded with thousands of messages daily. With all of this competition for the public’s attention, how do you set your brand apart?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this challenge. However, one of the keys to your success lies in understanding your target market. What kind of people are interested in your product or service? What makes them get out of bed in the morning? What delights them, intrigues them, infuriates them? Find the answers to these questions and, at the very least, you can save yourself endless hours of wasted effort. With that in mind, consider the following:

What sets a fast food lunch apart from a meal served in a fine restaurant? It’s not merely the quality of the ingredients. It’s also the decor, the personal service, the ambiance that lends itself to a superior dining experience. As the old saying has it, it’s not the steak that closes the deal but the sizzle.

  • In the same way, the people you’re looking for want more out of their lodging choices than a bed and a bathroom. They want a refuge, an oasis, a place where they can feel welcome. They want to be rewarded for the long hours they have invested in their careers. In other words, they want to be pampered.
  • Offering this level of service means paying attention to everything that separates a superior hotel or spa from one that is merely so-so. It means providing robes that wrap their wearers in soothing, buttery-soft comfort. It means offering slippers that embrace the user’s feet in gentle, supportive warmth, not ones that merely offer respite from a cold floor. This laser-like focus on detail is what your potential customers are looking for. And creating such an experience is the key to not only gaining their attention but winning their long-term patronage.

With our design savvy and devotion to quality, we offer products that can help you to provide what your prospects are looking for. So take a few moments to browse our site, and see for yourself how we can help your business to stand apart from the crowd.