Little Luxuries Make a Big Impression

When guests are asked to describe what made a memorable hotel experience for them, besides the typical answers of cleanliness, amenities and services, many guest speak passionately about the little extras which the hotel provided. These little luxuries make a big difference on the way guests view your hotel or resort.

What are the little luxuries which make a big difference for guests?

Hotel guests crave the feeling of personalization and being taken care of – an experience which is frequently lacking when they are at home. It is a smart idea for hotels to cater to their guests’ desire to feel pampered by providing a number of unexpected, but desired, little luxuries.

Luxuries do not always have to mean expensive facilities or five-star dining. For many guests, meaningful hotel luxuries can be as simple as providing fresh robes and comfy slippers. Offering your guests a few extra indulgences makes them feel special and gives them something unique which they can tell their friends and family.

A few ideas to make your guests love your hotel.

Pleasantly surprise your guests by offering all or some of these amenities:

A choice of slippers. Simply by asking guests what size slippers they prefer when guests make a reservation will impress them.
• Provide items for the guests’ children. Parents love their kids and there is not better way to capture family business than providing for the children of your guests. Having child-sized slippers and robes available is a wonderful idea.
• Beach or pool sandals. Guests often forget to travel with sandals. Making sandals available for your guests’ use is nice added-value service.
• High-quality towels. Low-quality towels is a common complaint among guests. Keep your guests coming back by offering thick and soft towels for their use.
• Branded slippers and robes. Your brand on the slippers and robes in your hotel immediately makes your guest feel they are in a high-end hotel.

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