Giving Your Guests the Best

Satisfied guests are a major factor in running a hotel. You can cut corners and offer a subpar experience, bringing people in on low room rates alone, but this typically doesn’t pay off in the long run. Sooner or later, people will get tired of drying off with scratchy towels just to save a few bucks.

Creating a luxury experience doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank, however. The moments that guests remember, the moments they come back for, the moments they tell their friends about, are the little moments.

The fluffy, cushy slippers that they wrap their feet in after a long bath, the waffle robe, like wearing a cloud. These are the memories that stick with your guests, the sensory, tactile experience of the hotel. We remember how the freshly shampooed carpet feels under our feet, jumping from a hot shower into the cool, clean sheets.

Like the decor, the robes and slippers that you supply to your guests will reflect the personality of your hotel. An upscale, luxury experience demands something as understated as it is comfortable, where a family-focused hotel may be more suited to colorful robes, fuzzy pink slippers and summertime sandals for hitting the pool.

Hotel guests take a lot of things for granted. Of course you offer free WiFi and premium cable, everyone does. Of course you have great room service, every premium hotel does. But the robes and slippers, like the pillows and furniture, these are the parts of the hotel that we touch and feel. From kimonos and sheared terry robes to flip flops and thong slippers, finding the right items to match your hotel’s personality will ensure that your guests enjoy an experience that is exactly what they were expecting, only better. The things we touch, the things we feel, are the things that make us feel truly at home, and the things that we carry with us when we leave.