Creating the Luxury Hotel and Spa Experience

Understanding customer needs and wants as you provide amenities for the ultimate spa experience plays a huge role in ensuring you have the right types of products that will convey luxury, comfort and indulgence. The entire purpose of the spa should be to provide a retreat where nothing else matters but the time being spent on pampering and being spoiled.

Going to a spa can be a relaxing and calming experience. Soothing massages, healing waters, and a rejuvenation of the spirit are just a few of the reasons why customers seek out spa treatments. Although these are major elements of the overall experience, no spa trip can be complete without the right products and amenities to continue the feeling of immense gratification. When pampering yourself, the look and feel of the items your clients wear as they move throughout the experience makes a significant difference in their comfort and satisfaction.

There are many different types of robes that make people feel like royalty. Shawl collar, double-layered waffle robes, and kimono bathrobes add elegance and comfort. For the feet, soft and inviting footwear helps to create an ambiance where they feel as if they are floating on air. The material used plays a big part in intensifying the luxury experience. Using high-end brands helps to capture the essence of what a luxury experience is supposed to be.

Staying at the top of the industry with your offerings includes investing in private label brands, exclusive products and top hotel brand names. Having the best means being the best, and your clients will appreciate the knowledge and expertise you offer when helping select the right robes and shoes to keep their customers coming back. Taking a full assessment of the products, atmosphere, and materials is key. By making sure you have a wide range of sizes to accommodate all customers and situations, you can help your clients create a luxury experience, each and every time.