Stock Up on Guest Essentials Now for the Busy Warm Season Ahead

Now that everyone has made it through the busyness of the holiday season, the winter weather seems to be well-entrenched. That is not to say that there are not glimpses of spring peeking through sometimes, though. In fact, some days it seems like spring is here to stay before the cold weather pushes back down once more. Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, though, this is the time to start planning for the busy, warm season ahead.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Guests’ Hotel Experience

As part of providing a luxury experience for your guests, consider supplying them with those little extras that sometimes get left behind when they pack. Things such as slippers, sandals and robes for the whole family can go a long way toward welcoming tired — and sometimes frazzled — travelers. An array of styles and sizes helps you to accommodate everyone.

Bring in the Brights

While winter’s robes and slippers focused more on cozy materials that are designed to swath your guests in comfort and softness, spring and the warm weather ahead invite a more playful and streamlined attitude. Summertime bright thong sandals add to the carefree, summery feel while their design makes donning them super convenient. Bright colors — yellow, pink, red, purple, green, orange — match the cheerfulness of the season.

Summertime Coziness Alert

You can still provide your guests with soft and cozy slippers and robes that cradle their bodies in plush velvety comfort but with a nod toward the lightness that is associated with the season. Summer-friendly materials are airy and thirsty without being heavy so guests are weighed down by hot fabrics. Whether it is slipping out of the pool after a few laps around in the sparkling and refreshingly cool water or stepping out of a hot shower, having a brightly colored yet lightweight robe and colorful velour slippers there at the ready simply adds to the entire pampering experience.

It does not really matter if your guests are at your hotel while on vacation or on business. You want them to feel like they are welcomed and at a place where they can feel pampered and relaxed the entire time they are with you. Having the right accessories — such as robes, slippers and sandals — can go a long way toward evoking that desired feeling.

Top 4 Must Have Hotel Amenities

If you’re going to stay at a hotel, you need to have the right slippers and robes to feel comfortable. Otherwise, your stay isn’t going to be as fun or relaxing as it should be. Four of the top amenities for hotel stays include closed-toe plush velour slippers, thong plush white slippers, plush shawl collar robes and Kimono robes.

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The Robe Effect: How Robes Make for a Comfortable, Luxurious Stay

When people travel, they want to make sure all of the necessities are figured out. That means scouring the area for the best local food joints, securing a convenient place to stay, and making sure their hotel provides all the right amenities for effortless comfort. The latter might include a plush, velvety robe for their stay. To most people, robes are a luxury item considering the good ol’ shower towel will typically do. However, a robe can truly symbolize more, especially when it comes to the ultimate hotel stay experience.

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Ultimate Recognition with Specialized Amenities

We have learned the value of welcoming our guests, in a big way, when greeting your hotel or resort guests. Fredi & Sons provides custom quality products designed to delight your guests. It is surprising how plush and comfy robes and hotel slippers speak to the heart of tired or stressed vacationing guests. It is unspoken but implied, “We are happy to serve you”, “Welcome, relax and enjoy”.

In addition we challenge you to dazzle your guests with robes and cuddly little slippers for their children. The word will spread at the speed of light, and these little welcome touches will quickly become your brand’s hospitality super power.

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