4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Guests Feel Pampered

You specialize in hospitality and making your hotel guests feel like VIPs during their stay with you. While they may or may not remember every detail about your lobby or room decor, what they will remember is how their stay at your establishment made them feel. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to make your guests’ experience at your hotel one to remember:

1. Spa Amenities

Whether your hotel has an actual spa or not, there are ways to make guests feel as though they are in a spa-like atmosphere. Smooth and tactile finishes, stone flooring, natural wood furniture, and accents from nature (think shells, river rocks, driftwood and crystals) can go a long way in creating a highly relaxing setting for your guests. If your hotel does have a spa, offer discount coupons to encourage guests to partake of its menu of relaxing services.

2. Plush, Ready-Wear Robes

Whether your guests end up using them or not, offering the option of in-room robes immediately elevates your hotel from simply functional to the level of a relaxing oasis. Consider a classic shawl collar style white terry cloth robe for a durable, elegant all-occasion effect, or opt for summertime colored robes in a variety of styles for after a sunny day by the pool.

3. Complimentary Guest Slippers

A pair of terry cloth slippers can add a level of comfort your guests won’t soon forget. Go above and beyond by offering soft, plush slippers to guests during their stay at your hotel. While most will have already brought their own, the ones that forgot will be truly grateful that you had them covered.

4. A Bedtime Turn-Down Service

A simple, subtle gesture can speak volumes about your hotel, and offering a nighttime turn-down service complete with bedtime snack can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Consider offering gourmet chocolate chip cookies, premium candies or other goodies, and your guests will never forget your hospitality.

If your hotel specializes in going the extra mile for guests from every walk of life, making them feel like a VIP is paramount. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to make sure each and every guest has a premier experience at your hotel. Use these four tips to elevate your hotel above the rest and ensure that guests keep coming back year after year.

Why Terry Cloth? Your Comfort, Stylishness and Stay

We believe kimono, shawl and terry cloth bathrobes exemplify the Fredi & Sons experience. When every style provokes supreme comfort, and, when thick construction partners a fluffy texture, terry cloth exemplifies the comfort industry while following up any relaxing bath or shower.

It’s all about You

Your stay’s quality should be determined by comfort, and each terry cloth robe exemplifies luxury without forgoing comfort. If you’re into “the full experience”, why not slide into some terry cloth slippers? High quality robes are excellence symbols, and accommodation should reign supreme when you’ve searched for grand hospitality.

Why the Terry Cloth?

Terry cloth robes aren’t just comfortable: They’re practical. Terry cloth can be washed multiple times—making them excellent hotel provisions while never losing absorbency. Consider the last time you’ve entered a quality establishment, and remember the smells, the textures and the eye-attracting surroundings. Terry cloth promotes comfort and luxury, and they promote the finest patron-based establishments.

Terry robes are built to impress, and they’ve been designed to last. Nobody wants a worn robe, split slippers or otherwise unappealing garb, and terry cloth promises years of repeated use. Both casual and elegant, terry cloth slippers and robes delicately wick moisture from your skin—leaving it attractive and comfortable.

Terry cloth is often a 100-percent cotton deal—presenting patrons with a comfortable composition alongside attractive designs. Where full-cotton terry isn’t presented—a humble cotton and polyester mix is offered to increase durability without sacrificing comfort.

Complementary Design

During your stay, you’ll likely want complementary atmosphere. Terry cloth is excellently designed to promote surrounding textures and designs—granting providers the ability to show off a hard-earned rest and comprehensive interior design. When Fredi & Sons provides comfort, we intend to complement fashion. Your terry cloth robes and slippers will likely serve as supreme mementos—high-standard souvenirs worthy of your exquisite surroundings.

Life can be full of hustle and bustle—but your weekend getaway should preserve perfect memories, fine experiences and exquisitely embroidered emblems. Each standard design has been expertly crafted to balance both personalization and theme: You’d be hard-pressed to find similar comfort, stylishness and great shape. Regardless of personal taste—our patrons always find comfort when they’ve snuggled up in our terry cloth robes.

If you’ve longed for comfort and a heavenly visit, Fredi & Sons is here to please. We’ve been supporting our patrons’ comfort for years, and we’ve attributed our ecstatic community to repeated comfort and artistic design.

3 Welcoming Items To Give Children During Their Hotel Stay

Every guest’s impression of your hotel matters in the long run. This includes children accompanying their caregivers for short or long stays. All too often, hotel owners overlook the need to fit the rooms with comfort items that really make pint-sized guests feel welcome. Keeping kids happy also influences their caregivers’ perception of your venue. You are sure to see those families back again and again if you provide the kids with the following items during their stay.

Fuzzy Slippers

Just providing slippers alone can make kids clamber at the chance to return to your hotel. The fuzzy slippers should feel incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. A non-slip bottom will keep kids from falling while moving quickly on wood, marble or tile floors. Since kids will not want to take off their slippers throughout their stay, consider providing a hard-soled pair designed to go outdoors and another with soft soles for inside the rooms.

Hooded Bathrobe

After playing hard on vacation, kids will undoubtedly need to bathe after returning to their rooms at night. Kids will take to this process much easier if warm, cozy hooded bathrobes are waiting by the side of the tub. The bathrobe should be highly absorbent to help these little guests dry their hair and bodies in just a few minutes. Put your logo on the bathrobes for an advertising boost when parents undoubtedly send cute photos of their tikes wrapped up tight in the plush bathrobes to friends, family and followers.

Colorful Sandals

While hectically packing, parents may forget to pack an extra pair of sandals for kids wanting to visit the nearby beach. You can help out by providing a pair of colorful sandals that kids will love to wear on their outings outside of the hotel. Since these sandals are so affordable, you can even send the pair home with your little visitors to make a lasting impression. Kids, and their parents, will surely reflect on your thoughtful and helpful gift when planning their next excursion to your area.

Making Kids Feel Treasured

Kids enjoy receiving comfort items that make them feel like they are welcomed into your hotel with open arms. The above items may also help kids quickly adjust and view the hotel as an extension of home. Parents may appreciate the assistance in helping their kids feel comfortable, which often prevents an early retreat home. In fact, families with relaxed kids can even extend their stay at your hotel without worrying about outbursts from homesick individuals.

Beige Waffle Closed-Toe Slippers

For the hotels who really want to make their guests feel like they are having a luxury experience, include a pair of the popular Beige Waffle Closed-Toe Slippers, exclusively from Fredi & Sons. These will come individually packaged and are perfect for a guest who likes to feel comfy whenever they are lounging around their hotel suite. As many people don’t like to walk around the carpeted floor of their room bare foot, these beige waffle closed-toe slippers will be a small but notable amenity to their overall experience at your hotel.

Each pair of these beige waffle closed-toe slippers is as comfortable at any you would receive at a high priced spa. They have a padded instep and footrest, making them comfortable to walk around the hotel in if a guest so desires—or their own home, when they take the complimentary slippers home with them. They also have anti-skid soles, making them relatively safe to wear in wet and dry environments alike.

Priced at an affordable eleven dollars per pair, these are also high quality beige slippers, with durable construction and design. They have double stitch lining and custom piping, allowing them to maintain their structure for use over more than just a short stay at the hotel. In other words, when your guests take these slipper home with them, they will be repeatedly reminded of their stay at your establishment. Small additions like these beige waffle closed-toe slippers are what make satisfied guests return again.

So if you want to up your guest’s luxury experience and overall comfort during their stay at your hotel, include a pair of these beige waffle closed-toe slippers per guest, per room. It’s the little things like this that will make your hotel stand out in the minds of your customers, encourage others to visit and come back themselves.