Ultimate Recognition with Specialized Amenities

We have learned the value of welcoming our guests, in a big way, when greeting your hotel or resort guests. Fredi & Sons provides custom quality products designed to delight your guests. It is surprising how plush and comfy robes and hotel slippers speak to the heart of tired or stressed vacationing guests. It is unspoken but implied, “We are happy to serve you”, “Welcome, relax and enjoy”.

In addition we challenge you to dazzle your guests with robes and cuddly little slippers for their children. The word will spread at the speed of light, and these little welcome touches will quickly become your brand’s hospitality super power.

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Finding balance between perfection and practicality

Did you hear that? The last time you remember staying at a hotel or a visiting a spa, were you asked what size slipper you wear? How about the robe that was made available to you? The perfect balance between what is practical and what is expected is the ultimate balance that will remedy what your expectations are and what the bare minimum should be.

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