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Top 4 Must Have Hotel Amenities

If you’re going to stay at a hotel, you need to have the right slippers and robes to feel comfortable. Otherwise, your stay isn’t going to be as fun or relaxing as it should be. Four of the top amenities for hotel stays include closed-toe plush velour slippers, thong plush white slippers, plush shawl collar robes and Kimono robes.

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The Robe Effect: How Robes Make for a Comfortable, Luxurious Stay

When people travel, they want to make sure all of the necessities are figured out. That means scouring the area for the best local food joints, securing a convenient place to stay, and making sure their hotel provides all the right amenities for effortless comfort. The latter might include a plush, velvety robe for their stay. To most people, robes are a luxury item considering the good ol’ shower towel will typically do. However, a robe can truly symbolize more, especially when it comes to the ultimate hotel stay experience.

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