Beige Waffle Closed-Toe Slippers

For the hotels who really want to make their guests feel like they are having a luxury experience, include a pair of the popular Beige Waffle Closed-Toe Slippers, exclusively from Fredi & Sons. These will come individually packaged and are perfect for a guest who likes to feel comfy whenever they are lounging around their hotel suite. As many people don’t like to walk around the carpeted floor of their room bare foot, these beige waffle closed-toe slippers will be a small but notable amenity to their overall experience at your hotel.

Each pair of these beige waffle closed-toe slippers is as comfortable at any you would receive at a high priced spa. They have a padded instep and footrest, making them comfortable to walk around the hotel in if a guest so desires—or their own home, when they take the complimentary slippers home with them. They also have anti-skid soles, making them relatively safe to wear in wet and dry environments alike.

Priced at an affordable eleven dollars per pair, these are also high quality beige slippers, with durable construction and design. They have double stitch lining and custom piping, allowing them to maintain their structure for use over more than just a short stay at the hotel. In other words, when your guests take these slipper home with them, they will be repeatedly reminded of their stay at your establishment. Small additions like these beige waffle closed-toe slippers are what make satisfied guests return again.

So if you want to up your guest’s luxury experience and overall comfort during their stay at your hotel, include a pair of these beige waffle closed-toe slippers per guest, per room. It’s the little things like this that will make your hotel stand out in the minds of your customers, encourage others to visit and come back themselves.