5 Things Your Luxury Hotel Should Offer Guests

When guests check into your luxury hotel, they’re looking for comfort, convenience, and luxury. Not only should you make sure guests have all the necessary basics, you should add some luxurious touches that make your hotel stand out to guests. To improve the stay of your guests, make sure these five things are offered in every hotel room.

1 – Plenty of Fluffy Towels
Make sure that all rooms offer guests plenty of fluffy towels. Guests don’t want to reuse a damp towel the next day, so make sure they have enough towels for their stay. It’s also nice to offer towels that are large and plush, so guests feel pampered when they step out of the shower.

2 – Blackout Curtains
Consider adding blackout curtains to your hotel rooms. Guests book rooms so they can get a good night of sleep, and that can be difficult if bright city lights are shining through their window. Some guests like to sleep in, and the morning rays of the sun can ruin their rest. Blackout curtains block out light completely, ensuring your guests have a perfect night of rest.

3 – Soft, Comfortable Hotel Slippers
Soft, comfortable slippers are a touch of luxury that guests are sure to appreciate. Instead of walking around barefoot, guests will enjoy slipping into soft slippers that they can wear while they relax before they turn in for the night.

4 – Free WiFi
Guests want to check their email, update social networks, and take care of business online. Make life a little easier for your guests by offering free WiFi in all your hotel rooms. Many guests won’t consider visiting a hotel that doesn’t offer WiFi, so it’s important to add this amenity free of charge.

5 – Cozy, Luxurious Robes
Many guests don’t pack robes because they are bulky and take up too much space in luggage, so the addition of cozy, luxurious robes to a hotel room is a perfect way to make your guests feel at home. Your guests will love slipping into a plush robe after a hot shower. You may want to include robes for kids in hotel rooms, so even the kids can enjoy the comfort of a cozy robe.