5 Reasons to have your Wedding at a 5-Star Resort

In 2013, only 33% of couples chose to tie the knot in a religious location which means that an overwhelming number of couples rented out banquet halls, ballrooms, local parks, and other interesting locales to say “I do”. If you haven’t considered a top 5-star hotel resort as the spot to hold your wedding celebration, read below to learn why a resort hotel is an excellent choice.

Great Service

Needless to say, you can expect quality and professional service from a world-class resort and that sort of treatment is exactly what you would want for your wedding day. Resort staff are often ready and willing to help with wedding-related events such as providing guests with welcome bags.

On-Site Planning and Prep

Hotel staff are typically trained to handle large events such as weddings, galas, and conferences. They may offer large-scale ballrooms and various other on-site locations to hold events. Plus, resort hotels often have the necessary vendors on staff or have access to them through long-standing relationships. When you book, they assign an event coordinator to you who will take care of planning. You don’t have to shop around for a chef, cake baker, entertainment, florist, or decorator–the hotel provides everything you need!

Everyone is together

Many couples now host wedding weekends in which they have an itinerary of events scheduled to keep guests involved and having a great time. With everyone under the same roof, these other events are much easier to coordinate. In addition, many resorts feature shuttle services that you can use to transport guests back and forth.


A terrific benefit of hosting your wedding at a 5-star resort is the proximity to local attractions. This is especially convenient if you are incorporating other family-friendly events into the weekend such as an evening of miniature golf or sightseeing. Guests typically like choices and being located near attractions like popular restaurants and shopping malls gives them plenty to do!

5. Creature Comforts

Holding your wedding celebration at a premier resort location provides you and your guests with an experience like no other. For example, at Fredi & Sons, we offer our hotels a wide selection of spa-quality bathrobes and slippers from designers you know and trust. Your guests can relax and enjoy the event knowing that the luxurious comforts of home are available to them.