4 Guaranteed Ways to Make Guests Feel Pampered

You specialize in hospitality and making your hotel guests feel like VIPs during their stay with you. While they may or may not remember every detail about your lobby or room decor, what they will remember is how their stay at your establishment made them feel. Here are 4 sure-fire ways to make your guests’ experience at your hotel one to remember:

1. Spa Amenities

Whether your hotel has an actual spa or not, there are ways to make guests feel as though they are in a spa-like atmosphere. Smooth and tactile finishes, stone flooring, natural wood furniture, and accents from nature (think shells, river rocks, driftwood and crystals) can go a long way in creating a highly relaxing setting for your guests. If your hotel does have a spa, offer discount coupons to encourage guests to partake of its menu of relaxing services.

2. Plush, Ready-Wear Robes

Whether your guests end up using them or not, offering the option of in-room robes immediately elevates your hotel from simply functional to the level of a relaxing oasis. Consider a classic shawl collar style white terry cloth robe for a durable, elegant all-occasion effect, or opt for summertime colored robes in a variety of styles for after a sunny day by the pool.

3. Complimentary Guest Slippers

A pair of terry cloth slippers can add a level of comfort your guests won’t soon forget. Go above and beyond by offering soft, plush slippers to guests during their stay at your hotel. While most will have already brought their own, the ones that forgot will be truly grateful that you had them covered.

4. A Bedtime Turn-Down Service

A simple, subtle gesture can speak volumes about your hotel, and offering a nighttime turn-down service complete with bedtime snack can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Consider offering gourmet chocolate chip cookies, premium candies or other goodies, and your guests will never forget your hospitality.

If your hotel specializes in going the extra mile for guests from every walk of life, making them feel like a VIP is paramount. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to make sure each and every guest has a premier experience at your hotel. Use these four tips to elevate your hotel above the rest and ensure that guests keep coming back year after year.