3 Welcoming Items To Give Children During Their Hotel Stay

Every guest’s impression of your hotel matters in the long run. This includes children accompanying their caregivers for short or long stays. All too often, hotel owners overlook the need to fit the rooms with comfort items that really make pint-sized guests feel welcome. Keeping kids happy also influences their caregivers’ perception of your venue. You are sure to see those families back again and again if you provide the kids with the following items during their stay.

Fuzzy Slippers

Just providing slippers alone can make kids clamber at the chance to return to your hotel. The fuzzy slippers should feel incredibly soft and luxurious to the touch. A non-slip bottom will keep kids from falling while moving quickly on wood, marble or tile floors. Since kids will not want to take off their slippers throughout their stay, consider providing a hard-soled pair designed to go outdoors and another with soft soles for inside the rooms.

Hooded Bathrobe

After playing hard on vacation, kids will undoubtedly need to bathe after returning to their rooms at night. Kids will take to this process much easier if warm, cozy hooded bathrobes are waiting by the side of the tub. The bathrobe should be highly absorbent to help these little guests dry their hair and bodies in just a few minutes. Put your logo on the bathrobes for an advertising boost when parents undoubtedly send cute photos of their tikes wrapped up tight in the plush bathrobes to friends, family and followers.

Colorful Sandals

While hectically packing, parents may forget to pack an extra pair of sandals for kids wanting to visit the nearby beach. You can help out by providing a pair of colorful sandals that kids will love to wear on their outings outside of the hotel. Since these sandals are so affordable, you can even send the pair home with your little visitors to make a lasting impression. Kids, and their parents, will surely reflect on your thoughtful and helpful gift when planning their next excursion to your area.

Making Kids Feel Treasured

Kids enjoy receiving comfort items that make them feel like they are welcomed into your hotel with open arms. The above items may also help kids quickly adjust and view the hotel as an extension of home. Parents may appreciate the assistance in helping their kids feel comfortable, which often prevents an early retreat home. In fact, families with relaxed kids can even extend their stay at your hotel without worrying about outbursts from homesick individuals.